ART One-On-One: Reflecting On Your Life Through Art

The story of art is our story. Its questions are our questions. In Art One-On-One, the illuminating process of journal writing and the boundless curiosity of art come together. In this guided journal based on the author's many years of college Art Appreciation teaching, you will be introduced to Western art, from prehistoric cave paintings to Van Gogh's lasting legacy. You will learn about the artists, their major themes and changing styles. These big ideas of art--universal and wise--then focus on you, asking you to reflect on and write about subjects ranging from love to the afterlife, from the divine to the everyday. You will also get practice in looking closer at the beautiful details of your daily life so often gone unnoticed. Art can guide us into a more profound understanding of ourselves, each other, and life in general. Art One-On-One assists you in slowing down, seeing and cherishing the miracle of this wondrous life. Mona Lisa has questions for you!

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